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Would you like to set up or relocate your healthcare company in southern France?

Nîmes has developed a unique economic environment intended for healthcare companies:

  • Expertise in the fields of disabilities, low vision, medical imaging etc.
  • Firm determination towards innovation and skills upgrading (Eurobiomed, Transferts LR, BIC Innov’up)
  • Strong support for structural projects such as the Institut du Dispositif Médical
  • Access to platforms for clinical evaluation
  • Presence of leading enterprises (Bastide, Dedienne Santé, Thermo Fisher etc.)
  • A wide range of offices, laboratories, business premises
  • A tailor-made support for company founders in the healthcare branch


City of Nîmes
  • Arnaud Besset
  • +33 (0)1 78 76 78 00

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