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Le Havre’s economic area is located in the heart of the new business district close to the train station. Several offices and open-plan spaces are available for rent in the business district. Offices for rent in northern France. Commercial real estate to develop your business in northern France.

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Key information

  • Last update 10/05/2017
  • Business sector Sport and recreation Tourism ICT Service Shops
  • Radius National
  • Lot size < 1 ha
  • Number of offers online 2
  • Available buildings Yes
  • Type of park Business district - city centre
  • Management body Myriam Tarbane

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Park's description

Business district - Le Havre train station

After the rehabilitation of the historic district of Le Havre’s station, the city offers today many offices and open-plan spaces for service companies.
At the edge of the city centre, the Docks Vauban have been converted to a business centre and house today a commercial area and a leisure centre.
Open-plan offices for rent in northern France. Commercial real estate in northern France. Offices for sale in Normandy.

CHCI: offices for rent in Le Havre’s business district

  • Offices for rent in Le Havre, between 75 and 300 m², in a 10,000 m² building 
  • Member of the World Trade Center Association

“Le Colbert”: open-plan spaces for rent in Le Havre’s business district

Open-plan spaces for rent in a new 10,000 m² six-storey building:

  • Ground floor: 232 m² offices
  • 1st floor: open-plan spaces for rent in Le Havre from 401 m² to 420 m²
  • 2nd floor: 341 m² open-plan spaces in Le Havre’s business centre
  • 4th floor: open-plan spaces for rent in Le Havre from 273 m² to 832 m²

Technical data and infrastructure

  • Broadband Internet Optical fibre
  • Classified facility NOT DEFINED
  • Traffic connections Road Train

Economic environment

  • French Tech territory Yes

Financial conditions

  • Financial and tax benefits Not defined

Living environment and services

  • Employee services

    Shops and company restaurants Kindergarten Leisure areas

Business services

  • Association of businesses in the area
  • Waste management
  • Monitoring, security
  • Cleaning services
  • Postal services
  • Shared meeting rooms
  • Shops nearby

Access to the Business Park

  • Motorways < 20 min.

    Motorways A29 and A131

  • Regional trains, tramway, metro < 20 min.

    Le Havre station

  • High-speed trains < 20 min.

    Le Havre station

  • Airport < 20 min.

    - Airport Deauville - Normandie
    - Airport Rouen - Vallée de Seine
    - Airport Caen-Carpiquet
    - Airport Le Havre-Octeville
    - Airport Cherbourg - Maupertus

  • International airport < 20 min.

    2 international airports (Rouen and Le Havre)

  • Public transport in the area Yes

Available properties in the park