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Amaris is an international management consulting group which was created in 2007 by two French engineers. The Swiss firm works with large companies as well as SMEs of different sectors such as energy, automobile industry and banking business. Amaris operates in more than 50 countries and employs 2,650 workers (140M € turnover in 2017).

The company has decided to open a new agency in Bordeaux, in the region Nouvelle-Aquitaine: Bordeaux is a vibrant, rapidly-evolving city, only 2 hours away from Paris with the new train line Bordeaux-Paris.

For its new subsidiary, the group plans to recruit 40 people and primarily engineers, computer scientists and telecommunications operators.

Amaris has chosen the city of Bordeaux also because of its several strengths: a highly developed transport network (airport, motorways, high-speed trains), several promising economic sectors and a wide range of cultural attractions.

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The Swiss company Amaris has set up in Bordeaux


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