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The German group LIS arrives in France with WinSped

The German group LIS, Europe’s leading software developer for the transport and logistics industry, recently established its first operation on French soil. After having set up subsidiaries in Poland and the Netherlands, the German TMS software company chose France, and more specifically La Rochelle, for its new European office.

Since 1980, the LIS group has been developing and installing software solutions for transport management, itinerary planning, warehouse management and storage unit optimisation. The new headquarters are intended to increase the company’s commercial presence in France, which was previously limited by linguistic constraints. The office’s location in La Rochelle, in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region in western France, will allow the company to target the west of the country. Teams will also roll out the transport management tool WinSped, which is currently used by over 800 transporters across Europe.

This development confirms that La Rochelle is an attractive destination for foreign companies, and highlights the urban area’s strategic advantages which favour the development of digital businesses.

Opportunities for digital companies in La Rochelle

1.5 hours away from the urban centres of Bordeaux and Nantes, La Rochelle was able to develop an alternative offering to attract innovative startups and SMEs.

The La Rochelle urban area offers through its CREATIO® package tailored support for young businesses and encourages their integration into local networks. La Rochelle has developed several solutions for companies looking to set up there:

  • Creatio®Tech incubator for innovative young tech businesses: customisable office spaces depending on your needs, use of meeting rooms and other communal services
  • Business incubator and technology centre Creation®ImagéTIC: a comprehensive range of offices and coworking spaces equipped with fibre optic broadband, designed for Transmedia, Imagery and ICT businesses

For several years, Business-parks has been promoting La Rochelle’s various CREATIO® structures to international businesses through its dedicated web portals, and This fruitful partnership has led to several new companies setting up in the La Rochelle urban area, including the German group LIS.

The German group LIS sets up in France


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