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The German group LIS, a European leader in software development for transport and logistics companies, has announced the opening of a branch in France.

After setting up in Poland and Holland, the company has chosen the French city La Rochelle as the seat of its new subsidiary in Europe.

Founded in 1980, LIS develops and installs software for the management of transport, route planning, warehouse management and optimisation of storage space. The firm has chosen to set up in France, and more precisely in La Rochelle, in order to get closer to the French market. The team also wishes to promote its software WinSped for transport management, which is used today by more than 800 transport companies in Europe.

The setting up of this international group confirms the attractiveness of La Rochelle as an ideal environment for the development of digital companies. Only one and a half hours away from Bordeaux et Nantes, La Rochelle has successfully developed a support network for SMEs and start-ups.

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The German group LIS sets up in France

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