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The French company Quantic Support SAS, a subsidiary of the Quantic SA group, has chosen Roanne as basis for its further development in South of France.

Quantic SA offers a full range of services for managing computer systems, such as consulting, engineering, surveys, cyber security, big data and so on.

Thus, Roanne has proven to be a strategic location which allows Quantic Support to expand its radius of activity towards Lyon and Clermont-Ferrand. The group has chosen Roanne also because of the opening of a new business park for digital companies: the site offers some new offices for sale, coworking spaces and open plan spaces. It is therefore an ideal working environment for Quantic Support, which plans fifty new jobs in the near future.

The business park is also situated near Numériparc, a business incubator for young companies.

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The company Quantic SA opens a branch in Roanne


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