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“Desmos” is a group of buildings which offers open-plan offices for sale or rent in Reims, near the train station and the city centre.

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Rent excluding charges: 145.00 € / m2 / year

Key information

  • Type of property open-plan space
  • Last update 14/12/2018
  • Minimum area 1000.00 m2
  • Maximum area 5000.00 m2

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Description of the property

These open-plan offices are located in the heart of a central business district and a few residential buildings and are easily accessible by road, tramway, bus and train.

The open-plan space is in Reims’ centre, only two minutes away from Reims’ centre TGV-station, in the eco-friendly building “Desmos”.

The open-plan space’s rent price in Reims comes to 145 € m² / year excluding charges.

Technical characteristics

  • Sustainable development certification Yes
  • Multimodality Road Train
  • Broadband Internet Optical fibre
  • Pre-Wired Yes

Financial conditions

  • Rent excluding charges 145.00 € / m2 / an
  • Financial and tax benefits Not defined
  • Classified facility NOT DEFINED

Access to the area

  • Motorways < 20 min.

    At the crossroads of the motorways:
    A4 – E50 (Paris-Strasbourg-Germany)
    A26 – E17 (Lille-Lyon-Mediterranean Sea)
    A34 – E46 (Ardennes-Belgium)

  • Regional trains, tramway, metro < 20 min.
  • High-speed trains < 20 min.

    Reims is 45 min. from Paris and 30 min. from Roissy CDG:
    2 high-speed train stations:
    * TGV-station Reims centre (a few minutes on foot from conference centre).
    * TGV-station Reims Champagne in Bezannes (5 km from Reims’ centre)
    9 international correspondences (Roissy CDG – 30 min., Marne la Vallée – 30 min., Massy – 1 hour, Strasbourg – 2 hours, Nantes – 3 hours 15 min., Rennes – 3 hours 17 Min., Bordeaux – 4 hours 36 min., London – 4 hours, Lille – 1 hour 34 min.)

  • Airport < 20 min.
  • International airport Between 20 min and 1h

    Roissy Charles De Gaulle Airport: 30 min. by TGV-train
    Paris-Orly Airport: 1 hour 30 min. by shuttle
    Paris-Vatry Airport: 1 hour by shuttle

  • Public transport in the area Yes


Economic environment